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Summer 2019 Updates

Dear Parent(s) / Person(s) with Parental Responsibility, 

I am writing to remind you about some important dates for the Summer Term and thank you for your continued support of the school.

GCSE Examinations

GCSE examinations are taking place throughout May and June. Y11 students, parents and carers have received a separate letter outlining this year’s examination arrangements. Good luck to all of our Y11 students.

Term dates

Please make a note of the school term dates and holiday dates for the remainder of this school year.

Summer half-term holiday - Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May 2019

Summer holiday – Monday 22 July – Monday 3 September 2019

Start of autumn term – Tuesday 3 September 2019

On Friday 19 July 2019 students will be dismissed at 1.10pm to begin the summer holiday.

Our term dates for 2019-2020 are on the school website >HERE< and the school app.


The holy month of Ramadan has begun for Muslim students and members of staff. Ramadan is a period of prayer, increased religious devotion, self-reflection, self-control, charity-giving and expressing good will to others. It is a time of fasting and control over the need to eat and drink during daylight hours. As always, it will be a decision for families, parents and individual students whether they are of an age to fast, for how long they will fast and if they are legitimately exempt from fasting.

Fasting can have an impact on the performance of students, especially during the long summer days. Please ensure your daughter is well prepared, ready and understands the likely effects on her body during fasting and that she manages these challenges well, by:

  • eating well, with a balanced meal (containing all food groups) when breaking the fast at the evening meal (iftar) and during the pre-dawn meal (suhur) and drinking plenty of re-hydrating fluids between iftar and suhur;
  • managing her sleep effectively;
  • planning ahead by organising herself and equipment needed for school to fit around prayers and other Ramadan specific practices.

Eid is predicted to fall on Wednesday 5 June 2019 –school closure for this day will be confirmed via the school website once we know when Eid is being celebrated. The school will remain open for those students who are sitting an exam on that day.


Please make sure your daughter attends school every-day during term-time to maximise her achievement.

We have previously written to you to share the fact that on average students with high attendance achieve the highest results. The graph below shows that students who are at school between 97 and 100% of the time achieve on average a grade 7 for all of their exams. This figure reduces significantly as the attendance drops:


The school cannot authorise any requests for holidays or trips abroad during term-time. Learning and teaching remains a priority at Sarah Bonnell throughout the summer term and it remains important that your daughter does not miss any of her lessons for unauthorised absences.


Thank you to all parents and carers for encouraging their daughters to come to school wearing the correct uniform. It is fantastic to see students wearing the uniform with pride. As the warmer weather approaches this is to remind you that the school blazer remains a compulsory item of uniform throughout the year. A full list of our school uniform can be found on the website and can be purchased from our school uniform supplier:

Ian Howard, 409 Barking Road, East Ham, London E6 2JT.  Tel. 020 8472 1729

Please remember that you can keep up to date with everything that is going on at school through the Sarah Bonnell website.

Yours sincerely,

Rae Potter