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Sarah Woods delivered some insight into her success. 

Sarah Woods is a London Tech Ambassador, an associate lecturer at the University of Cambridge, who also co-founded City Unrulyversity, which is a free pop-up university in London. Sarah's main mission is to inspire the next generation of Tech City entrepreneurs.

She recently won the Veuve Clicquot Businesswoman of the Year award.

Year 9 students were honoured to have Sarah come and give a talk about ‘unruly’, her own Tech company which she founded in 2006.

‘Unruly’ helps videos go viral in over 15 countries, over half of her employees are female and Sarah champions diversity in the workplace.

We were very lucky to have her come and talk, and inspire our students who wish to study Technology and Business further.

Thank you Sarah Woods for taking the time out to visit us and we will definitely be taking up your offer of work experience!

Here are some words from a few of the students:

“I think that this talk, with Sarah Wood, was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the world of technology and what it takes for you to develop your own business. As this has been one of my dreams for the future, I was very interested to learn more about the topic. From the talk, I have seen for myself how to do this and what the exact steps are. Throughout the talk she spoke about her own journey in building up her business, to the successful company that it is know. I think that Sarah has really been able to inspire us and teach us about the amazing elements of working in the field of the internet and how it has led her to be given the Veuve Clicquot businesswoman of the year award. This award itself has definitely encouraged me to achieve high.”

By Khadeja Shebani Y9


“On Tuesday the 10th of May some of the Year 9 students got an opportunity to go to a talk which was presented by Sarah Wood. Sarah Wood is the co – founder of the company “unruly”. I am very grateful of this experience and have learnt a lot. I learnt that in order to start a business we do not need to always have the experience or grades in that specific subject area. Like a great person once said, “Where this is a will, there’s a way”. Ms Wood dreamt of something and made it happen. It was truly an eye-opener! After this experience I have learnt that for my dreams, I have various pathways and due to this opportunity which I was provided I now know many skills which will help me in my future. I will always look back to this day, Thank you to everyone who arranged this for us. It was a wonderful afternoon where I got lots to learn.”

By Iman Farid Vohra Y9


“Having the opportunity to listen to a very inspirational, engaging and uplifting speech given by Sarah Woods has given me the opportunity to develop my knowledge in the field of technology even more. I have learnt that hard work and resilience is what leads to great futures and amazing careers. I found the comments Sarah Woods had made regarding the way she had become one of the most successful business women very intriguing and something that I will always take into consideration when taking future steps within career options. In school we have been working around technology a lot from building a business to creating very advanced codes for programmes and games. Sarah’s illustrated talk made it come even more alive for me. It was also very thoughtful of her to add many of her personal observations and for her to explain the ways she had become who she is now. But not only that she gave a great boost to my confidence and showed that you have to have passion and ambition to be able to succeed and gain your highest possible potential.”

By Nusrat Rashid Y9