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Non-Uniform Day on Friday 24th June

On Friday 24th June we are having a Non-Uniform Day.

The Non-Uniform Day is to raise money for two separate causes.The first is to buy a solar panel for a school in Rwanda. GS Nkungu is a school in the remote area of Rusizi for children aged 6 and above. Currently it does not have any running water or electricity. A solar panel would make a huge difference to the school and enable them to have electricity in some of the school buildings, which would improve the quality of education for the students of the school.

The second cause is the charity ‘United World Schools’ and our partner school in Cambodia.

To participate in this charitable event all students must donate £2 to the causes.

The £2 donation will be collected on the morning of Friday 24th June 2016 at the school gate and the money will be sent to the charity to support their ongoing work.

Students who do not have the £2 will be asked to go home and change into school uniform so please make sure they are prepared on the day.