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teaching staff 

  • Joanne Bowen - Curriculum Leader 
  • Shamima Koli - Product Design (Maternity Leave)
  • Natalie Simmons - Product Design Teacher
  • Katie Allso - Food Technology
  • Carla Bruno - Food Technology

support staff 


Curriculum Aims

At Sarah Bonnell, the aim of Design technology is to prepare students for the rapidly advancing technological world. We aim to provide all students the opportunity to be empowered through creative problem solving. Independence and taking ownership of own learning is at the heart of the subject and embedded in projects through activities inside and outside of the classroom. Innovative projects are being designed to provide experiences for inquisitive individuals to explore different material areas.

Our friendly department strives to ensure that all students value the school ethos of;

                            ‘Be proud. Aim high. Work hard. Be nice. No excuses’


Year 7

Textiles (Creative Cushion Project)

During this project students are given the opportunity to explore a wide range of fabrics and textiles techniques. Using the natural world as inspiration to develop new design ideas, students use recycled materials and components to create a cushion to promote the beauty of nature and raise awareness of environmental issues caused predominantly by the textiles industry. Students are introduced to health and safety in the textiles workshops through hand and machine embroidery, marking and measuring, fabric construction, surface decoration, embellishment and using machinery such as the heat transfer press. Students research, design and plan their final outcomes as well as evaluating them. This project complements the units of theory which are taught weekly alongside the practical lessons covering sustainability and the environment, fibres, yarns, fabrics and introduces them to composite materials and technical textiles.

Product Design (Acrylic Clock Project)

During this project students design and make a working clock that is freestanding and has a fully functional circuit with a bulb and a switch. The design brief is set to allow students to not only enjoy making but learn through making, studying the Art Deco movement as inspiration. The students learn about the properties and characteristics of plastics, various electronic components and how to build a successful circuit. Students develop skills in how to design confidently on 2D Design and watch their clocks being manufactured on the laser cutter during lessons. Students focus on different types of motions and apply it to their language of evaluating and reflecting.  Overall the project is very enjoyable; a great introduction to materials and equips students well for year 8 Technology.

Combination Project (Wood and fabric mobile phone deck chair)

Students develop their problem solving and engineering skills by creating a deck chair as a mobile phone holder using limited amounts of dowel and fabric pieces. Combining these materials allows students to reach varied outcomes and develop their design solution skills through mixed medias which is a requirement of the AQA GCSE coursework. Students may decorate the final product using appropriate paints, crayons and pens suitable to the materials. Students study new and emerging technologies in industry and enterprise, working with materials such as paper, boards, natural and manufactured timber, the impact of design on people and society and how design decisions are made.

Food (Introduction to food technology and healthy eating)

Students are introduced to the concept of healthy eating, the eat well guide and how they can find the nutritional information on foods to make informed and considered choices about what they are eating. Students learn the basics in cooking and how to make simple modifications to recipes. Students are encouraged to be creative with presentation to create aesthetically pleasing dishes and are given opportunities to explore the versatility of ingredients and are encouraged to experiment with tastes and textures to create exciting and healthy dishes.