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Here 2 Listen is Sarah Bonnell’s counselling service – a place to come if you want to talk about your problems in a quiet, friendly space.

The counselling service is in E20 and is available to any student who is struggling worried, confused or who just needs to offload.

What is spoken about depends on you but common issues include stress and anxiety, friendships, difficulties in school and self-confidence.

The counsellors – Sharon, Sarah and Louisa - listen carefully to your problems, helping you to sort out your thoughts and feelings without judging you. They may also offer some suggestions and ideas to help you cope better with the situation.

You are free to drop in to speak to one of the team before or after school or during some lunch times:

Year 7 – Monday lunchtime

Years 8 and 9 – Tuesday lunchtime

Years 10 and 11 – Thursday lunchtime

Here 2 Listen also runs small therapeutic groups on themes such as: bereavement; settling in to Sarah Bonnell (for year 7s); friendship; support for young carers; stress and panic attacks. The groups allow you to feel supported, share ideas and explore your feelings. If you are interested in any of these groups please let Here 2 Listen know.

What Sarah Bonnell girls say about their counselling service

“I enjoy coming to counselling. It’s a quiet nice space and gives me a chance to think about my problems and get help.” Year 11 student

“My counsellor has been great. I have felt very comfortable talking to her. I really appreciate her help. The best thing was having a person who was willing to listen.”  Year 9 student

“The best thing about counselling was that it was like sharing my problems with a nice friend. Talking to my counsellor helped me.” Year 7 student

“The bereavement group has helped me. I find it easier to focus in lessons.” Year 10 student

Having a counselling service in school is a great thing, seeing as school is the place where most of your life is spent.” Year 8 student