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teaching staff

  • Karen Boughton - Curriculum Leader
  • Faisal Rahman - Deputy Curriculum Leader
  • Hafsa Farhana – Lead Practitioner
  • Kiera McDonnell – Lead Practitioner
  • Mujibul Islam
  • Athar Sheikh
  • Jonathan Rees
  • Claire Boardman
  • Aisha Hussein
  • Grace Gowland
  • Aneesah Choudhury​​​​​​​
  • Liz Hill

Curriculum Aims

The Mathematics Curriculum Area works to build upon and develop knowledge that students bring to us from Primary School in order to further encourage your daughter’s curiosity in Maths. Whilst following the National Curriculum, we seek to ensure that not only does your daughter gain the key numerical skills needed for the outside world, but also develops an understanding of the importance of Maths in her own life and society.

Year 7

In Year 7, we use a Maths Mastery Scheme of Learning which is designed to teach your daughter new Mathematical content whilst ensuring that her understanding of this is deep and has been ‘mastered’. This approach to Maths teaching focuses on gaining a greater understanding of each topic in order to ensure your daughter is fluent and can access GCSE work in Year 9 with ease.

For those students who need slightly more support in Year 7 to ensure that they are ready to tackle the secondary curriculum we use the Passport Maths programme from National Numeracy. This is designed to master the key skills needed to ensure that your daughter is successful in her Maths at Sarah Bonnell.




  • Username: student school login followed by @sarahbonnell
  • Password: mathswatch

Mathswatch is an online programme which gives students access to videos and practise questions with answers for the full mathematics curriculum. Teachers are also able to set homework through Mathswatch.

Mathswatch is an excellent resource for:

  • Researching a topic before a lesson
  • Reinforcing knowledge from class
  • Revising for exams
  • Catching up with work after absences


Select student log-in and your daughter will be able to enter a password (we suggest she uses the same as her school password in case she forgets it).

Collins Connect gives your daughter online access to the textbook which she uses in class. Your daughter will be able to access all examples and questions in the book, as well as be set exercises for homework by her teacher.