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teaching staff 

  • Anita Lay
  • Sean Keenan

Curriculum Aims

Our aim is to develop critical thinking skills in our students, practical creative skills, articulacy and the ability to produce sophisticated analyses.

In 2017, Media Studies students achieved success, with results of 100% A*-C and 44.4% A*-A, which are way above the national averages for girls, by 21.2 and 23.9, respectively.

Students look at media products and the conventions they follow. They study the audiences media products are aimed at and how they are targeted; the companies that create media products; and how the media represent the world to us.


Year 10 and 11

Students follow the WJEC examination syllabus, which comprises of 60% coursework and 40% examination. The examination topic for Year 11 in 2018 is ‘ TV News’.

The course blends theoretical understanding of the media with the development of hands-on practical skills.

  • Media Studies offers many opportunities to explore pupils’ creativity – from planning and designing advertising campaigns, developing film ideas, creating marketing campaigns; to filming and editing, producing print-based marketing material and making documentaries.
  • Students learn about the relationship between media industries and their audiences (e.g. analysing how a blockbuster film attracts target audiences).
  • Students analyse the role of the media in society (e.g. explore the impact of T.V advertising on children).
  • Classes investigate how people and issues are represented in the media (e.g. analysing how women are represented on CD covers).


Exam Board and Links for Syllabus

WJEC 4391 -