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teaching staff 

  • Jonny Slater - Curriculum Leader
  • Jessica Whitehouse 

music peripatetic staff 

  • John Kilshaw - Brass
  • Thomas Pratt - Guitar
  • Sian Watkins - Voice
  • Ross McDouall - Drums
  • Chris Preece - Piano
  • Lucia D'Avanzo Lewis - Strings
  • Tracey Thurlow - Woodwind

Curriculum Aims

Sarah Bonnell offers students an extensive range of musical opportunities and aims to give all students a rich and exciting experience of music. The Music Curriculum Area offers students the chance to explore their creativity and expression through a variety of mediums. All students are encouraged to take part in practical music making, which ranges from class singing and guitar playing to joining one of the school’s extra-curricular clubs.

Music is constantly changing and the use of music technology is a massive part of the music that we listen to today. We are therefore very proud at Sarah Bonnell to have state of the art iMac computers networked to the school server and a professional standard studio. Students are able to explore music technology in lesson time with high level equipment and also record themselves using the music studio

Year 10 and 11

Students further their knowledge of music gained in Years 7-9 and extend it, looking at the history of music and the changes that have been seen in the past 400 years of Western Classical music all the way through to present day pop and world music. We are proud of our students achievements in music; our results are consistently above the national average. 

In year 10 and 11, we follow the OCR syllabus for music GCSE. Students create a practical portfolio demonstrating their skills in performance and composition, as well as their appraisal and evaluative skills, which challenge students and helps them to develop into well-rounded reflective learners.

Year 10 and 11 curriculum includes:

  • Creating a practical portfolio
  • Demonstrating their performance and composition skills
  • Demonstrating their appraisal and evaluative skills


Extra-Curricular Clubs

The Music Curriculum Area run many extra-curricular activities ranging from the vocal groups ‘Chamber Choir’ and ‘Young Voices’, to the SB Mega Band! There are rehearsals and groups every lunchtime and after school, where students of any ability are able to come together and perform music.

  • SB Mega Band
  • Chamber Choir
  • Young Voices
  • Guitar Club
  • Jazz Band
  • String Group
  • Drum Works