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  • Robina Begum
  • Shama Khanam
  • Farida Yasmin
  • Uroosa Khan
  • Sausan Saleh

Curriculum Aims

PSHCE provides engaging, and developmental teaching and learning opportunities in which each student is encouraged to challenge and explore their individual knowledge, skills and understanding through a variety of activities which support the student voice.  PSHCE explores and expands on Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural understandings already developed throughout Primary Education in order to prepare students for the wider world. PSHCE also underpins the British Values which guide our every-day responsibilities and duties as Citizens, focusing on developing positive relationships, tolerance and understanding as positive and supportive Global Citizens.

The PSHCE Curriculum Area is well-established and very successful, with 2016 GCSE results exceeding the National average at 90% A*-C, and 52%A*-A. All students study Religious Education at KS3. 

Year 10 and 11

Year 10 curriculum includes:

  • GCSE RS: Unit 2 - Is it Fair & end of unit test
  • Citizenship GCSE: Unit 1:Theme 1: Rights & responsibilities
  • RS: Unit 3 – Looking for meaning (5wks). Revision & Mock Exam
  • Citizenship GCSE : Theme 2 – Power, Politics and the Media/Active Enquiry
  • Information, Advice and Guidance : Careers
  • GCSE RS : Unit 4 – Our World & end of unit test.
  • Citizenship GCSE: Theme 3 – the global community
  • Citizenship/Religious Studies Year 10 Summer Mock Examination

Year 11 curriculum includes:

  • RS Religious Experience GCSE: Unit 1 – Religion and Conflict
  • Citizenship GCSE – Changing Communities
  • RS: Unit 2 – Religion and Medicine
  • RS: Unit 3 – Religious Expression
  • Citizenship GCSE – Campaign
  • RS: Unit 4 – Authority – Religion and State
  • Revision and GCSE Examinations.

Exam Boards & Links for syllabus

We use the following Examination Boards for GCSE’s:

  • Welsh Joint Education Committee (WJEC) for Religious Studies GCSE – Specification B.
  • Edexcel for Citizenship Studies GCSE. 

You can google both Exam boards and look around the website for past papers, practice papers and resources.

Resources: All Religious Sacred Texts

GCSE RS: Year 10:  Religion and Life Issues – WJEC :  ISBN 978-1-85008-435-8

GCSE RS: Year 11: Religion and human experience –WJEC : ISBN 978-1-85008-506-5

GCSE CITIZENSHIP: Year 10 & 11 – Citizenship Toda –Edexcel : ISBN 978-0-00-731264-1