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The Sarah Bonnell Prefect Team: ‘Individually we are; together we can.’


As a Prefect, you are a student leader and a role model for all members of the Sarah Bonnell community.


Be Proud – you must showcase your position of responsibility by demonstrating the highest standards of behaviour, presentation and attendance at all times.

Aim High – you should be trying to make the most of your leadership opportunities, encouraging members of the Sarah Bonnell community to try their best at all times, for the greater good of the school.

Work Hard – your goal is to help Sarah Bonnell be a better place and should continuously try to contribute to the positive development of the school and its image.

Be Nice – you will endeavour to ensure that all members of the Sarah Bonnell community feel valued, respected and supported.

No Excuses – Being a leader is sometimes tough and you may have to do things that you may not necessarily want to do. When those instances arise however, you will treat them positively, so that you encourage others to follow in your footsteps to contribute and make Sarah Bonnell a better place to be.

  • To undertake tasks as asked to by Sarah Bonnell staff, or members of the Student Leadership Team (i.e. Duties, Parents Evenings, Open Evenings).
  • To challenge the poor behaviour of other students whilst they are representing the Sarah Bonnell community.
  • To be a positive presence in and around the school grounds.
  • To ensure the ethos and spirit of Sarah Bonnell continues whilst representing the school in any capacity (i.e. Whilst wearing school uniform).
  • To attend all Prefect meetings/training sessions as requested by Sarah Bonnell staff or Student Leadership Team.
  • To report any incident that challenges the wellbeing of any member of the Sarah Bonnell Community to staff, or a senior member of the Student Leadership Team.
  • To take a shared responsibility in the mentorship and training of younger student leaders within the Sarah Bonnell community.