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teaching staff 

  • Ricky Archer
  • Rae Potter

Curriculum Aims

Sociology helps students develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding about society, and how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues. Sociology is exciting, interesting and relevant to students' lives. Sociology GCSE is taught in many schools throughout the UK. As it was developed from the A Level, it is a challenging subject that stretches students to use sophisticated language and extend their knowledge and vocabulary. We aim for Sociology to help our students make sense of the world they live in. We hope that it would lead them to become critically thinking, all-rounded, active members of society.

2016 results last year were 65% A*-C. This is in line with the national average. We envision that our results will only improve each year.

Year 10 and 11

We use AQA syllabus which will benefit and secure students’ knowledge for the A Level AQA Sociology.

Year 10 curriculum includes:

  1. Studying Society
  2. Education
  3. Family


Year 11 curriculum includes:

  1. Crime and Deviance
  2. Research Methods
  3. Social Inequality


Exam Boards & Links for syllabus

AQA GCSE Sociology (4190)


GCSE Sociology for AQA: Revision Guide and Exam Practice Workbook (Collins GCSE Revision)

Cotes et al AQA GCSE Sociology, Oxford

Wilson, Collins Sociology GCSE for AQA- Student book

Sociology Review

Practice exam papers: