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When appropriate, we use screening assessments to help us identify students who would benefit from additional literacy and numeracy support.  Following the screening process, personalised reports are provided for teachers, parents and the young person so that targeted strategies to improve literacy and numeracy skills are introduced and maintained at school and at home.

Sarah Bonnell offers 1:1 and group intervention for students with dyslexia, literacy and numeracy difficulties.  This is done through taught sessions using the ‘Lifeboat’ programme, ‘Boost Reading’ sessions, LEXIA and maths interventions in collaboration with the Maths department.

Staff delivering ‘Lifeboat’ and ‘Boost Reading’ sessions have been trained by our literacy specialist and resources are supported by the Newham Professional Dyslexia service.

LEXIA is an online tool which enables students of all ages and abilities to master essential reading skills.  The program is used to complement the mainstream literacy curriculum and provides personalised, explicit practice.  We encourage our students to use this at home as well as in school so that teachers can keep up-to-date with the work students have completed and the progress they have made.  We use both LEXIA Core and LEXIA Strategies so we can meet the needs of all students effectively.