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teaching staff 

  • Natascia Servini - Curriculum Leader
  • Robina Begum - Head of EAL
  • Carlos Munoz - Deputy Curriculum Leader
  • Mounel Sadaoui - Curriculum Co-ordinator
  • Itrat Badar - Urdu and EAL
  • Soumya Abdi - Arabic
  • Georgia Biltcliffe - French & Spanish
  • Claire Rowlinson - French, Spanish & Mandarin
  • Coralie Saenz - French & Spanish 

support staff 

  • Viginia Buonaugurio - Italian
  • Marta Martin-Prieto - Spanish
  • Bertille Guyonnet - Modern
  • Mariane Vanhuysse - Modern

Curriculum Aims

With over fifty languages spoken at this school and set in the Olympic heartland, our World Languages Curriculum Area offers one of the most wide-ranging languages curricula nationally. Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures, deepening pupils’ understanding of the world and preparing them for study and work in other countries. Our dedication to internationalism, determination to mould global citizens and our quest to build on the rich linguistic and cultural heritage of our students underpins our curriculum.


Year 7

All students study 2 languages either French or Spanish in Year 7 plus another language from Arabic, Italian or Urdu. Students develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, based on a sound foundation of core grammar and vocabulary. They will be able to understand and communicate personal and factual information, develop and justify points of view in speech and writing, with increased spontaneity, independence and accuracy. Students will also develop translation skills with the aim of being able to translate short written texts accurately into the foreign language.

We offer a range of enrichments to enhance the curriculum including Chinese Club, which gives students the opportunity to gain a qualification in Mandarin and the Capital L Languages Challenge run by SOAS where students work in teams to complete a range of projects in a language of their choice. 

Year 7 curriculum includes:

  • Describing pictures
  • Role plays
  • Expressing opinions with justification's
  • Using three tenses
  • Reading texts of varying length
  • Listening to native speakers
  • Introduction to translation 
  • Cultural knowledge and understanding