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Additional Languages

In order to broaden our student's horizons further and prepare them to be global citizens in an increasingly competitive workplace, we offer the opportunity for students to take a second language in Year 8. This is also beneficial for developing student's literacy, oracy and their cultural understanding.

Additional Languages Available to Study in Year 8

Literacy Support

At Sarah Bonnell we believe that literacy is vital to ensuring that students have the best chance to succeed in their schooling and everyday life. An additional hour of literacy is provided to those students who require further support to write accurately, fluently, effectively and at length enabling them to develop an appreciation of reading, and read increasingly challenging material independently.   


Access and Inclusion

A&I support students with a range of learning profiles through 1:1 in-class support and small-group literacy interventions such as Lifeboat literacy and Boost Reading.  Students’ progress and attainment is assessed and provision is then personalised to help target specific areas for development.


Higher Able

In Year 9, higher able students will continue to be stretched and challenged as they access an increasingly challenging and engaging curriculum. The provision of exciting extra-curricular opportunities inside and outside of school continues, and more options such as STEM clubs become optional. The most able students continue to be a part of a bespoke Scholarship programme which offers a range of activities and visits.


Year 8 Extended Learning Days

To support all of the students at Sarah Bonnell we have an exciting and stimulating programme of 6 Extended Learning Days across the Year, where the students are off-timetable for the day, participating in enriching activities to support their learning.

The purpose of Extended Learning Days are to:

  • Allow students the opportunity to experience learning outside of the classroom through a comprehensive visits and events calendar
  • Encourage students to reflect on how they are preparing to become global citizens through engaging workshops and guest speakers
  • Promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural growth by engaging with topics that promote mutual respect and cohesion


Date  Theme
17th October 2017

Awareness Day 

Be Proud

7th December 2017

Human Rights Day

Be Nice

6th February 2018

Safer Internet Day

No Excuses

8th March 2018

International Women's Day

30th April 2018

Futures @ SB Day

Aim High