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  • Abida

    Creative Arts at Sarah Bonnell has really helped me discover and unleash my creativity.

    There have been many opportunities to extend myself and my abilities in these subjects-creating sculptures inspired by artists, going on trips and experimenting with textures for example. I’m really glad that I am able to attend Sarah Bonnell School.

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  • Evita

    There are many opportunities at Sarah Bonnell you can always try new things

    There are many opportunities at Sarah Bonnell you can always try new things. I had a chance to learn a musical instrument starting from knowing the name of it to playing small pieces.

    I like music. Through the opportunities at Sarah Bonnell I have been involved in school concerts and a part of a school music song.

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  • Batili

    Sarah Bonnell School made me have faith in myself to be whoever I wanted to be.

    Sarah Bonnell School made me have faith in myself to be whoever I wanted to be. The teachers made me believe in myself. My Mum knows that the school is the best because she always says the school, makes the students be whatever they want to be in the future. Before I came to Sarah Bonnell I didn’t even know how to speak English or how to write English but now I do. Because of Sarah Bonnell School I believe that I can get my level up in each of my subjects.

    Sarah Bonnell School helped me make friends and made me feel special, I really appreciate it. I really want to get an A* in all of my lessons. Sarah Bonnell made me know everything is possible if you try your best and put all of your effort in your work.

    The school made me confident, helped me understand what I didn’t know. In my opinion, Sarah Bonnell School is fantastic, wonderful and magnificent and everyone in this school always tries their best.

    My favourite subject is English because English is the basis of our ability to communicate with one another. English has taught me numerous skills that I can use in the future and has contributed to my overall growth as a 13 year old. English has opened my eyes on so many issues and has helped me develop skills. I wanted to thank all my teachers for doing their best. Sarah Bonnell has changed my life. I’m really glad to be in the school, it is a great opportunity for me to be here. I might not know so much now but as I grown up I will know more.

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  • Diana

    I have a great passion and enthusiasm for music.

    The main reason is because of the emotions, messages and themes you can portray and infer from music. I love to sing. At Sarah Bonnell I am a member of the Chamber Choir, Fusion Band, and I am one of the four music ambassadors for the school.  I have performed at the O2, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Troxy and many others. Sarah Bonnell has also given me the opportunity of being part of productions such as Oliver, Frankenstein and Guys&Dolls.

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  • Iffat

    To be creative has always been my passion and at Sarah Bonnell I have had the opportunity to do exactly that.

    From tie dying materials, to styling a mannequin, the opportunities have been spectacular every time.

    I am a creative learner and at this school I have had the chance to learn in a way that supports me.

    It’s great that at Sarah Bonnell not only do I learn, but I create.

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  • Jeba

    Sarah Bonnell School to me is a stimulating, safe and supportive place where I can show myself at my best.

    I have a close circle of friends who all support each other and look out for each other. Now that we are in year 10, we all realise how important it is to encourage each and support each other to do well at school, and we do this every day.

    I find school very enjoyable, especially my media studies lesson, and I am really looking forward to making a proper documentary film in Year 11. I already make my own films and have won some prizes for them, so doing this for my coursework will be really exciting and an opportunity to develop my craft.

    The school gives me loads of opportunities to shine. For example I went on a trip to BBC Broadcasting House, where I was filmed presenting the news!

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  • Jessica

    I like the P.E department because they encourage girl power.

    They have a lot of equipment like trampolines, rock climbing and exercise machines. The teachers at Sarah Bonnell are kind, helpful and happy.

    I enjoyed the trip the school planned to the Olympic park, we had a tour of the orbit and we were able to take lots of pictures. We walked around and played in the Olympic Park, this was a good experience.

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  • Karolina

    Sarah Bonnell is a school with full of hard working girls with loads of passion and potential.

    One of the many things Sarah Bonnell are excellent at us sport.

    We are always joining extra-curriculum clubs and have loads of fun. The clubs help you develop your communication skills as well as find your true passion for sport. Sarah Bonnell encourages us to find things we truly enjoy and would like to pursue as a career.

    I have participated in the interform games and competed in competitions for the P.E curriculum. No matter what you do you, will always enjoy yourself, and learn something new every time through the P.E activities. It is one of my favourite parts of the school experience so far.

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  • Loraine

    Sarah Bonnell offers a huge range of extra-curricular activities; especially sports.​​​​​​​

    There are many clubs the P.E department offer to you at lunchtimes and after school from trampolining to athletics, and football to cricket. I am part of a variety of teams such as netball. This gives an amazing experience to play against different schools and helps build up my confidence in all area of school life.

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  • Maya

    There are many opportunities at Sarah Bonnell, whether it’s in the P.E department, geography or the science department there is always something new to try.

    Recently in science we got the opportunity to dissect a heart. As I would like to be a cardiovascular surgeon, it was a perfect experience for me. Sarah Bonnell is an amazing school which encourages and develops our individual passions and career paths.

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  • Naiya

    I am proud to say that I am the Sports Captain here at Sarah Bonnell School.

    This role enables me to interact with students and make changes to the P.E. department that will benefit the students. Our department consists of numerous sports and activities that are available for everyone to enjoy. I believe that everyone is good at something and therefore we must offer all students countless opportunities to discover what they enjoy. 

    As Sport Captain, I provide the opportunity to students to develop numerous skills and increase the school’s sport talent. As a representative of the school, I work hard and in a reliable way ensuring I uphold the Sarah Bonnell Way. I would like to thank the staff for giving me the opportunity to take up this role and for the students for believing in me and my potential.

    I look forward to the next Sports Captain who will continue this legacy far, as a team and as a community.

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  • Ruby

    When I started Sarah Bonnell I was a really shy girl, but once I found my interest in music I became more confident.

    In year 7 I auditioned for the Sarah Bonnell’s got talent and got put in a group with 3 of my friends, sadly we didn’t make it through the finals but we knew we tried our best. During my years in Sarah Bonnell I have had many chances to express myself.

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  • Suhaila

    When I first came into Sarah Bonnell (in the middle of year 8) I made friends so quickly and felt like I truly was part of the school in a matter of seconds!

    When I first came into Sarah Bonnell (in the middle of year 8) I made friends so quickly and felt like I truly was part of the school in a matter of seconds! Sarah Bonnell has given me many opportunities such as being part of Amnesty International Club which has led to us winning a National Youth Award meaning we were named as the best campaigners in the United Kingdom I have also won the Jack Petchey award for outstanding achievement I feel very honoured to win such a prestigious award but this would not have been without the help from my teachers pushing me to my limits and helping me to be the best I can be. Although I am in a wheelchair, I get treated just as equal as everyone else does and the school facilitates to whatever needs I have. Alongside the award I have won two Drama Awards and Art Award. I am also now a peer mentor and have just become a prefect. I am proud to say that I’m part of Sarah Bonnell and when I come to school I look forward to what’s going to happen. I enjoy every aspect of school.

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  • Tolu

    My Sarah Bonnell experience has been incredibly eventful and fun.

    I have done amazing things such as trips to Outward Bound and bowling to performing art concerts with the drum works team.

    The best thing about my experience is that the school really support you with anything outside of school. Each department is always there to help you with anything and the teachers are always there to listen to what you have to say. The teachers also respect your opinions and they all try their best to fit their lessons around how you learn best, so that you can achieve your highest potential. You are surrounded by friendly and supportive which makes the Sarah Bonnell experience all the more enjoyable.

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  • Zainab

    Sarah Bonnell has given me multiple opportunities to develop many skills and boost my confidence.

    Sarah Bonnell helps students be heard and have a voice in what goes on around our school and not just leave it up to the teachers to do all the decision making.

    Our school has a wide range of extra-curricular clubs which helps the students to improve their learning whether its maths, English, science or music, art or drama; our school does it all.

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  • Zamzam

    Being part of the KS3 ambassador team is such a great honour and there are many advantages of taking on this role such as helping out with the school community, making sure everyone is behaving and just taking care of Sarah Bonnell.

    My favourite subject is ICT because it lets you explore different facts about technology. Also another subject I really like is Drama because you get to express your feelings through acting and it is just one of the fun lessons.

    Sarah Bonnell has given me so many opportunities so far and you can be given many opportunities too. 

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